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Mistletoe Magic 2018

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Mistletoe Magic, a festive holiday fundraiser, celebrates the long legacy of Sigma Gamma Association and Tau Beta Association helping young people with special needs. Shared proceeds from Mistletoe Magic are donated to both Sigma Gamma Association’s charitable legacy, the Detroit Institute for Children and Tau Beta Association’s major community partner, The Children’s Center of Detroit.

sglogoSigma Gamma Association’s charitable legacy with the Detroit Institute for Children (DIC) dates back almost 100 years. Today, the DIC provides speech, occupational, physical, and psychological therapy, in addition to much-needed social work services and special education consulting, to over 6,600 children in schools, Head Start, and Early Intervention Programs throughout the Detroit Metro Area and Southeast Michigan. The proceeds from Mistletoe Magic continue to help the important work of the DIC by providing funds for assessments, adaptive therapeutic technology, parent and family workshops, ongoing education for staff, and all the other resources needed to help each child find the abilities in his or her disabilities.

Tau Beta Association’s major charitable focus and community partner is The Children’s Center of Detroit. The goal of this partnership is to provide volunteers and resources to further the Center’s mission of developing strong, independent children and successful families. Proceeds from Mistletoe Magic help to support both a food pantry and a used clothing center. In addition, this year, we are proud to announce the expansion of The Tau Beta Center for Family Literacy. The facility will be moving to the Children’s Center main campus enabling them to serve a larger number of clients and families in need. With skilled personnel, a full library and hands-on manipulatives, the center will focus on child literacy, development and family bonding.

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